Android Experiments OBJECT

    Android Experiments OBJECT

    Naoki Ono
    Your everyday spoken Japanese is recorded and analyzed to create the optimal English conversation lesson just for you. A device which attaches to your collar.

    Ryo Miyazaki
    When you look through this telescope-style device, you can see the past scenery of that location. Utilizing photographic data with locational information gathered from the WEB.

    Magic Calendar
    Hironao Tsuboi
    A calendar hung on the wall at home which updates in sync with the schedules of family members who enter information via a smartphone. A digital device with a sense of the analog.

    Smart Maternity Mark
    Keita Takizawa
    A system which connects pregnant women who want to sit on the train with those who are willing to give up their seat. When a pregnant woman with this device is nearby, the other party is informed via a smartphone push notification.

    Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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    • Android Experiments OBJECT

      A Google-sponsored project in which device ideas to make people’s lives more convenient and enjoyable through a connection with Android devices were gathered from all over Japan, with four ideas selected by a general vote being realized. Project participants worked on device development, software development, and actual working prototype development. The four winning works, selected and realized from roughly 200 applications, are innovative works which will change ways of living used together with a smartphone. These works can be experienced at the venue.