Torajiro Aida

Type some text to the computer. Then press a button. Wow! Many words appears! Move the mouse quickly to choose a word. Selected words are combined and made into a sentence. The original text and the combined text have the same consonants. You can help your words to get their consonant-friends! There are many things in this world, and everything is connected to another thing somewhere. The relationships are hidden, however, we can reveal them. A world that you couldn’t see, but is actually exists. An another aspect of yourself. The world is not fixed. You can go to any worlds if you change the perspective. I want to feel like that. You can just enjoy what happened in your mind is changing. Of course, you can type some English text at first. Then the computer interprets the text as hiragana!


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2.28 (fri) – 3.8 (sun)  |  11:00 – 21:00

  • Admission Free

    * From the B2 floor and the 2nd floor [Office, SHIBUYA @ QWS dedicated entrance], please come to the 15th floor by elevator.

Artist Profile

  • Torajiro Aida

    Torajiro is a Japanese high school student, who loves programming. He is also interested in new technology, such as Blockchain and AI. However, his interest is not only technology itself but also how technology affects our society and ethics. His parents are both contemporary artists, and he makes artworks, too. In 2015 he joined an exhibition (“Whose place is this?”) at Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo with his parents. In 2018 his artwork took New Face Award in Japan Media Art Festival.