Kotaro Oomori (Digital Nature Group)

A person can kill a cockroach without hesitation. I feel that I can not do anything except kill them. Cockroach’s life is unconscious for people. I tried to squeeze the life encapsulated in the unconscious area into the representation of consciousness by the “voice” played by Generative Adversarial Networks .

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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2/23(sat)–3/3(sun)  |  10:00-22:00

  • Admission Free (Separately Tokyo City View entrance fee is required)

    Tickets to Tokyo City View
    Adult1,800 yen
    University / Highschool student1,200 yen
    Child (Age 4 up to Junior highschool student)600 yen
    Senior (Ages 65 & over)1,500 yen

Artist Profile

  • Kotaro Oomori

    Born in 1998
    I graduated from Tsukuba High School
    University of Tsukuba College of Humanities and Culture, School of Humanities B1
    University of Tsukuba Digital Nature Group Collaborate Student

    Mainly studying deep learning and real world oriented interface.