Jungle of Nusa (YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019)

Suzy Sulaiman

It is an interactive sound installation that requires collective participation. Also, there’s the element of self-discovery because there’s no instructions on how to “use” it. I wanted people to “talk” to each other in an analogue way, instead of only “talking” on their handphones. I wanted the sound of people’s voices to connect other people. By speaking into the installation, a person will discover that their voice will travel to other parts of the artwork. There is also a component, where by using a guitar pedal, a person’s voice can be distorted. This is a way for me to give ownership to the people who will “take care” of this work.


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2.28 (fri) – 3.8 (sun) | 11:00 – 21:00

  • Admission Free

    * From the B2 floor and the 2nd floor [Office, SHIBUYA @ QWS dedicated entrance], please come to the 15th floor by elevator.

Artist Profile

  • Suzy Sulaiman

    Suzy is an artist, designer, wife and mom. Her works often explores intersections of art, architecture and media technology, curious to explore the human social dimensions. Her art perform as tools to dissect locality to uncover new trajectories of relationships between humans and the environment. Suzy is the co-producer for Digital Art + Culture Festival (DA+C) and Japan Foundation Asia Centre Fellow in 2015. In 2018, she curated ‘Merata Suara: Voices of the Marginalized’ for Projek Dialog supported by the Australian High Commission and joined “Namamahay” artist-in-residency project curated by Dayang Yroala for Balles Artes Project in Bataan, The Philippines.