Yoichi Ochiai

Leviation is strongly related to the magic and the enchantment. Media Instruments in Edison’s age are developped to defy the gravity by the rotated visual images. Here is the artwork called “Levitrope”, this word stands for “lev(levitation)” and “trope(rotation)”. This media installation displays levitated metalic balls and they rotates on the wheel like structures. It reminds us our body and enbodiment of ourselves under the gravity. We envision these zero gravity kinetic sculpture will new media installation of Digital Nature Age.

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.11—03.12  |  10:00—22:00


Artist Profile

  • Photo:Yoshiro Hayakawa

    Photo:Yoshiro Hayakawa

    Yoichi Ochiai

    Assistant Professor of University of Tsukuba / BA(Media Arts and Sciences) from University of Tsukuba, 2011, Ph.D (Applied Computer Science) from University of Tokyo 2015 (he got PhD in 2 years: the fastest record).

    He is interested in post-pixels multimedia and conducting research towards his vision called “Digital Nature”.

    He has been certified to the super creator / genius programmer certification from the Information-Technology Promotion Agency. And received “the World Technology Award 2015”, global media award “Ars electronica award”, and many more.