Morpho Scenery

    Yoichi Ochiai

    When we observe the scenery, we often ignore the sense of material existence from scenery itself. The components of scenery is obviously material existence, however they reflect or emit the light and the light pass through the transparent air and our eyeballs, the light finally becomes the image on our retina as the couple of two dimensional images. A distant view lacks of three dimensional perception, no doubt, it is the representative image of this transformation process from the material to the image.
    Here, we set the analog optics in this scenery, especially between the mater and the image and add the momentum towards the optical device. The momentum in the material world invokes our sense of embodiment and we recalls the materiality of scenery from the observation. The analog optical machine, that transforms distant view as the representative of image, spotlights the the paradox between immaterialness of image and materiality of image via same media instruments. It draws relationship between image and matter, human nature and nature itself.

    Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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    2/9(fri)–2/25(sun)  |  10:00-22:00


    Artist Profile

    • Photo : Masato Kato

      Photo : Masato Kato

      Yoichi Ochiai

      Associate professor of University of Tsukuba. / Ph.D (Applied Computer Science) from University of Tokyo 2015. / Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. CEO.
      He is interested in post-pixels multimedia and conducting research towards his vision called “Digital Nature”.
      He has been certified to the super creator / genius programmer certification from the Information-Technology Promotion Agency. And received “the World Technology Award 2015”, global media award “Ars electronica award”, and many more.