eMAT2020 OPEN!!

This year we are pleased to host the eighth edition of Media Ambition Tokyo (MAT). Now not only in Japan, but the world is facing situations that we have never experienced before. MAT canceled its vernissage and press tour which was planned on February 28th to keep the new coronavirus from spreading. By that time, we have decided to introduce our exhibition online as a digital archive.

“eMAT”, a channel that allows you to reach the artists thoughts and works through web and social media without visiting the venue is now ready for you. You can scroll the web screen and tap the artists tags to see the exhibition and artists presentations. The artists are revealing behind the scenes that cannot be learned by just facing the works in the exhibition space. Please enjoy a new exhibition experience. In addition, talk sessions that have been held as visitor programs are now available via “eMAT Talk Streaming”. The event schedule will be announced through our web site and social media. At MediaAmbitionTokyo2020, we continue to challenge ourselves.