MAT2018 Website OPEN!!

An urban technology art festival where tomorrow’s ideas and technologies meet
“Media Ambition Tokyo 2018”
2018/2/9(FRI) - 2/25(SUN)

Highlight of MAT 2018

◆『ART & TECH TOKYO』 A variety of artists exhibiting exclusively at MAT
The line up includes a number of up and coming artists leading the next generation, including Rhizomatiks, known for fusing the latest technology with design, teamLab, a group developing projects that go beyond the boundaries of art and entertainment, Yoichi Ochiai who integrates art and research for Digital Nature, and nor with artists from different backgrounds like architecture and music, creating expressions that are not bound by traditional methods. Set in Tokyo, MAT will be a platform for cutting edge displays.

◆ Broadening the body and senses
Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is constantly evolving and with advancements in physical functions, it is now even possible to manipulate the senses.
『VODY』 has been created through a collaboration between Rhizomatiks and TOYOTA BOSHOKU CORPORATION. This exhibitions allows participants to experience the relationship between humans in the AI generation and machines. With the concept of human and machine becoming one, it evokes the idea of a future where humans and AI have an organic relationship, allowing humans to have extended capabilities; a world with designed symbiosis.

◆ Using technology to visualize the beauty hidden in our everyday lives
Fusing technology and art has given birth to a new form of visualization, such as works by Akira Wakita that exposes the scenery hidden in our everyday lives, and AKINORI GOTO, that gives a visual to beauty of time. The exhibitions give a tangible feel to those invisible relationships and bring about new discoveries.

◆ Experiencing new music through the fusion of technology and creativity
Synchronizing music and technology has allowed designers to mix the future and the past to provide a new kind of music experience. Exhibitions include 『Imaginary Soundwalk』by Qosmo, which uses algorithms in the creative process, with an AI system creating soundscapes,『Perfumery Organ』 by TASKO that diffuses fragrance alongside music, and Ei Wada’s exhibition which plays unique electronic music through the revival of old appliances. Explore the next generation of entertainment.