Rekion Voice

Katsuki Nogami

Robots are faithful monsters. They will not stop working even when no one is watching, they are loyal servants, slaves. Visiting this exhibition, you will experience being surrounded with many slave robots at once. You will hear, picked up by a stethoscope and amplified with ultrasonic speakers, their signals’ tones and bones’ cracks fly through the room.

Digital Choc Award 2016

Technical Director / Taiki Watai
Technical Assistant / Jun Inagaki

Production : Institut français du Japon, Scopitone Festival
DIGITAL CHOC 2017 Collaboration Artist

Mori Tower 3F presentation room

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03.03—03.12  |  10:00—22:00


Artist Profile

  • photo by Kenta Cobayashi

    photo by Kenta Cobayashi

    Katsuki Nogami

    He was movie maker who born in Japan 1992. He studied under Olafur Eliasson in Berlin art university and graduated Musashino art university. He treat familiar technology or body. He hope to make permanent expression not thing change in fashion. He awarded Rookie of the year Japan media arts festival and awards for excellence Asia digital art award, JAPANESE MOTION GRAPHIC CREATORS 100 people 2015. He attended FILE and WRO, Scopitone. VICE, WIRED, Booooooom pick up him.