Relight Days 2017

Relight Project

A three-day event to light up “Counter Void”, the public art work on “life and death” by Tatsuo Miyajima which has been turned off since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are to think about how we should live and how human beings should exist in the future through projects and a panel discussion organized by the citizen’s college to foster social sculptors, “Relight Committee.

Roppongi Hills, Keyakizaka

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  • Relight Project

    Relight Project
    As time has gone by, our thoughts and memories of the Great East Japan earthquake in 2011 are gradually fading away. In light of the unbearable feelings and emotions of those days, what can each one of us do and imagine in order to create a better future?

    Relight Project is an art project and platform to set up to generate dialogue among people from different walks of life, to figure out ways to, literally or symbolically, re-light the artwork “Counter Void” whose subject and purpose is to question “life and death,” and to active it as a device to question the role of art in wider society.