Yuichiro Katsumoto

    Humans use letters, which are two-dimensional static symbols, for communication. To write these letters, we have to move our body and spend some time; therefore, it can be said that a letter is the trajectory of movement and time. Based on this notion, I began studies of multi-dimensional kinetic typography, mainly using robots to display a letter, and visualize its time and movement simultaneously. And I named this project and the devices as Robotype.

    There are three kinds of Robotype so far: Sujigen for displaying Arabic numerals, Mojigen for the Roman alphabet, and 7×7 which is primarily for double-byte characters such as Japanese. Each display is designed with conventional computer displays as a motif.At this exhibition, a video documentation “Robotype 3” and 7×7 are displayed.

    This research is supported by the National Research Foundation of the government of Singapore under a funding initiative from the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office.

    Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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    2/9(fri)–2/25(sun)  |  10:00-22:00


    Artist Profile

    • Yuichiro Katsumoto

      Yuichiro Katsumoto is a gadget creator based in Singapore. He keeps inventing new electronic toys that are time related since 2005. His works have been exhibited at various art festivals such as Japan Media Arts Festival, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH. Currently, he works for the Smart Systems Institute, National University of Singapore as a senior research fellow.