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Digital Nature Group (University of Tsukuba,Yoichi Ochiai Laboratory)

In this work, we consider silkworm as 3d printer. When silkworms were placed on a flat surface, we made the silkworms create nonwoven fabrics of 3d shape by utilizing the property of continuing to spit the thread without making cocoon. Up to now, we have produced products by taking out yarn from silkworm cocoon, spinning yarn and processing cloth, but by this method we can make the silkworms themselves produce products.

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.11—03.12  |  10:00—22:00


Artist Profile

  • Riku Iwasaki

    University of Tsukuba College of Media Arts,. Science and Technology. DigitalNatureGroup