MAT Talk

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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2/19  |  19:00-20:15


Artist Profile


    The media artist Nobumichi Asai graduated from the Department of Science of Tokyo University. He is famous worldwide, in particular for his face mapping artworks. Among them his collaboration with Lady Gaga for her performance at the Grammy Awards, and his collaboration with Ayabambi on the projects “INORI”, CONNECTED COLORS, OMOTE, and FACE HACKING. He has received numerous awards such as Japan Media art festival, VFX AWARDS, and ARS Electronica. He has also been invited as a speaker and a judge at many art festivals around the world, such as the Louvre Museum, Circle of Light in Moscow.

  • TAMAE HIROKAWA(SOMARTA Creative Director / Designer)

    Established her own studio “SOMA DESIGN” in March 2006 which does fashion and graphic designing, sound creating and visual directing. She also established her own brand “SOMARTA” at the same time. She won the 25th Mainichi Grand Prix New Comer’s Prize and Shiseido Sponsorship Award. Hirokawa exhibited her own solo works at [Tamae Hirokawa-Body Genealogy Exhibition], and she also exhibited many collaboration such as  [NEOREAL] with Canon, [iQ X SOMARTA MICROCOSMOS] with TOYOTA and [02Gen-Taurs] with YAMAHA MOTOR DESIGN. In 2017, she entered her works “Skin Series” for MoMA Museum, and this product held in collecion of MoMA Museum.

  • NORIYUKI ABE (Honda R&D CO., LTD Cheef Engineer)

    Tokai Univ. Department of mechanical engineering graduated. 1984 join a company. It is engaged in advanced researches, such as DI engine, as an engine designer starting with #2 term F1 project.
    In the late of  90s, PIC of the electric drives is carried out mostly, and fuelcell vehicle and various hybrid system  of 1-3 Motor will be studied. From Oct., 2016, it’s engaged in the side of development of new electric vehicle in current dept., and corporate reform project, and will result in current.