MAT Talk「超ファッションテック進化論~ファッションテックはテロか救世主か~」


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02.20  |  20:30-21:40


Artist Profile

  • Yu Amatsu

  • Eiichi Izumi

  • Yugo Hiramatsu

  • Olga (Etw.Vonneguet)

    Olga is a fashion tech designer who designs her clothes using 3D modeling technology.  Her roots go back in London where she studied fashion and technology.  Today, she challenges a new way of creating clothes with digital technology and share a new perspective to the world. Olga doesn’t stop just in designs but goes beyond – she produces costumes and tour goods in promotion videos and concerts for both major artists from all over the world. Her collections appeared in Tokyo fashion week. Her brand can be found at any major departments store such as Shibuya PARCO and ISETAN. On top of her designer’s career, she is also an assistant professor in Media Science Laboratory at Digital Hollywood University. She teaches a variety of students across the globe. Some of her students are from Princeton University and others are the international students from Bunka Fashion Graduate University. She pursues her research in the possibility of Fashion and Technology and applications of those findings to the business world. Her philosophy is “Create a better world and a better future.”