Akinori Goto (Akinori Goto×LEXUS LS)

Japanese sensitivities and traditions have stood the test of time, being passed down for generations. By weaving these together with the latest technology, they take on distinct shapes, and provide us with new discoveries and surprises.

The LEXUS LS series exemplifies a brilliant blend of Japanese tradition and cutting edge technology; it breaks the mold for automobiles and reaffirms a uniquely Japanese ideology and aesthetic. The present work resonates with this concept, and reconstructs Japanese traditions using modern technology.

At its heart is a revolving circular form similar to those found in past toki-series works, and with use of traditional Japanese dance as a motif, it seeks to draw from uniquely Japanese motion and give shape to time itself. What can be learnt through glimpsing into this distinctly Japanese ideology and sense of beauty? This is what it seeks to explore.

ROPPONGI HILS Mori Tower 2F, Hills Café

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2/21(wed)–2/25(sun)  |  11:00-23:00


Artist Profile

  • Bunpei Kimura

    Bunpei Kimura


    Born in 1984 in Gifu Prefecture. Artist, designer. Graduated from Musashino Art University visual communication design department.His works, capturing invisible connections and relationships by combining cutting edge technology with methods and media that has existed from long ago, are now on exhibition.
    The main exhibitions in which he recently participated include Ars Electronica Festival(Austria · 2017), SXSW ART PROGRAM(United States · 2017), and THE DORAEMON exhibition TOKYO 2017(Tokyo · 2017). His works are being publicly collected by the National Media Museum in the United Kingdom and by phaeno in Germany.