UNLABELED — Camouflage against the machines

Keio University SFC Tokui Lab × Dentsu Lab Tokyo

With the development of AI technology, AI surveillance society has arrived. Excessive surveillance threatens the privacy of people living in modern times. In this project, we adversarially trained an AI model to generate specific patterns inducing AI to misrecognize, then created a camouflage garment using the pattern. We seek an alternative camouflage for the 21st century and aim to reconsider the relationship between the latest technology and our well-beings in the AI surveillance society. 

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Creative Directior: Nao Tokui
Creative Directior: Naoki Tanaka

Techinical Direction: Makoto Amano
Design Direction: Hanako Hirata
Engineering / Machine Learning: Ryosuke Nakajima
Design Assistant: Yuka Sai
Technical Support: Yusuke Yamada
Garment Design: Shun Matsunaga

Planner: Risako Kawashima
Exhibition Producer: Ryo Miura
Producer: Masafumi Fujioka
Producer: Ryotaro Omori
Production Manager: Kohei Suzuki
Film Director: Shuto Hashiura
Cinematographer: Yudai Maruyama
Music: Reo Anzai
Stylist: Kumiko Sannomaru
Fashion Director: Takuya Chiba


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2.28 (fri) – 3.8 (sun)  |  11:00 – 21:00

  • Admission Free

    * From the B2 floor and the 2nd floor [Office, SHIBUYA @ QWS dedicated entrance], please come to the 15th floor by elevator.

Artist Profile

  • 慶應義塾大学SFC 徳井研究室 × Dentsu Lab Tokyo

    AI as a tool to extend human creativity. AI as a mirror to reflect the essence of creativity. At SFC Computational Creativity Lab led by Nao Tokui, through research on AI and artistic endeavors, we aim to create new ways of “creating” by taking these two aspects of AI into account. 

    Dentsu Lab Tokyo is where solution is found through creativity. A team that “thinks through creation” will bring new forms of creation through technology by combining research, ideation, and development.