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YouFabGlobal Creative Awards has been collecting works that were created from joining the digital world and physical creation upon the foundation of FAB (digital fabrication). In this year, we were able to see entirely new expressions in areas especially in design, technology, and art, which brought forth numerous exceptional works that were thought to have been impossible until now. 20 winning works from YouFabGlobal Creative Awards 2017 will be displayed at the exhibition. 
Creators name: Amy Karle,MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY, Oluwaseyi Sosanya /Sosa Fresh, Kengo Tanaka, Dani Clode, DANIELDEBRUIN, Brett Foxwell and Conor Grebel, Bruce Shapiro / Sisyphus Industries, MUV Interactive,VIVITA, Inc., Thomas Modeen / Architects Independent,Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, Wei-Yu Chen, Nicolas Kisic Aguirre, Kyriaki Goti and Shir Katz, Show Kawabata x Takuto Usami, TAKASHI TERADA, Vase to Pray Project, Ken Nakagaki and Artem Dementyev, Kazuya Kawasaki

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    YouFab Global Creative Awards has grown into a global award that recognizes excellence in creative works of the new-age made using digital fabrication tools. The awards, which are being held for the 6th consecutive year this year, recognize and celebrate creative works and inventions that stem from a powerful collaboration between digital and physical fabrication, based on the concept that Fab= creativity that transcends and combines the digital and physical realms.