Zoom in Face

Yuta Sasaki

The classic scene you see in a Japanese samurai drama, a sudden zoom-in to the main character’s face along with a jingle. That effect must always come along with a jingle and the jingle must come along with the zoom-in effect. This device forces the viewer to experience this classical drama effect, whether they like it or not. Through this ‘forced zoom-in,’ all the viewers, each with a different background, can and will share a common experience. Each viewers’ personal background that everyone has is mixed and shared with joy and excitement by this device. A zoom-in to your face is also a message saying someone is paying attention to you and that your presence is positively affirmed.

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.11—03.12  |  10:00—22:00


Artist Profile

  • Yuta Sasaki

    Born in 1982. After graduating from the collage, Yuta Sasaki has launched a unit called “Sasaki Seisakusho” to replace a space with media itself. Having won various awards such as “Japan Media Art Festival (15th & 19th)”, he has worked at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. At present, while working at Center for Spatial Information Science in the University of Tokyo and Public Collaboration Center at Tokyo University of the Arts, he produced personal works at Sasaki Seisakusho.