<MAT2021> Online venue is now OPEN!!


Online venue for “Media Ambition Tokyo 2021” is now open!!

These days, our life style has changed by the arrival of COVID-19 and we are now in an era where major change has required in the way we should be as an art festival. Meanwhile, MAT has evolved as ‘ A hybrid art festival’ which real and digital are combined.

Of course we will be helding an off-line experiments at the venue ‘Tokyo City View’, we will be re-launching ‘eMAT’ introduced at <MAT2020> as a trial basis.
We will be expanding the online experience.

At online venue, including the latest information and artist information, aiming for a digital space where you can fully experience the attractiveness and message of art pieces, not only the exhibited works that excite this year's MAT, interviews with artists who can hear the thoughts entrusted to the work and secret stories of the production, talk sessions between up-and-coming artists, ar-chives of successive works, and etc, focusing on works and artists from a new angle, experience unique to MAT2021 prepared with distribution content unique to online venues.

We have introduced an online venue for <MAT2021>.
We look forward for your participation worldwide crossing countries and cultures.
And also, next year Media Ambition Tokyo will celebrate our 10th anniversary. As a further hybrid art festival, we will pursue an experience of unknown technology art, so please look forward to it in the future. 

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