Countermeasures against COVID-19 and our requests
for the visitors at Media Ambition Tokyo 2021

Our action towards countermeasures against COVID-19. Please be sure to read the text.

At Media Ambition Tokyo 2021, for the safety and security of all people involved in MAT2021, including visitors, participants, performers, staff and related parties, we have thoroughly implemented measures against COVID-19, and the health of our customers and staff. We are open with consideration for safety. It is mandatory to measure the temperature and wear a mask when entering the venue and also we will carry out various initiatives. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

<Our requests for the visitors>

◆Those who are applicable under the following should give top priority to their physical condition and refrain from visiting or participating.

  1. Those who have symptoms of more than 37.5° temperature or cough, sore throat as well as have a fever for the past few days or cold symptoms such as fever, cough, sneeze, sore throat and etc. Those who have tiredness (malaise) or have difficulty breathing (dyspnea), or have anxiety about their physical condition.
  2. Those who have close contact with those who are diagnosed with COIVID-19.
  3. Those who have a history of visits to countries / regions where entry restrictions are required by the government within the past two weeks, an observation period after entry, and close contact with the resident.

<Our requests when visiting the venue>

  1. We will carry out body temperature monitoring as well as temperature measurement with an infrared thermal camera.
  2. It is necessary to wear a mask.
  3. Thoroughly wash and sanitize hands.
  4. Ensure physical distance and keep a distance between yourself and others.
  5. We will restrict numbers when using lifts. Please refrain to speak while you are using lifts and do not touch or lean against the wall.
  6. Please contact the staff nearby if you feel unwell.

<Our Initiatives at the facility>

  • When entering the facility, we limit the number of people for customers to use the facility in a safe environment.
  • Depending on the content and situation of the exhibition or event, we will introduce a reservation system (reserved-seat ticket) and distributed numbered tickets.
  • We have hand sanitizer at the entrance.
  • We have installed a droplet infection prevention partition at the face-to-face counter.
  • Touchless accounting is recommended in the facility, and coin trays are used to exchange money and tickets.
  • Staff will be wearing a mask. Some will be wearing a face shield.
  • We are strengthening alcohol wiping and cleaning. We have also stopped using the toilet hand dryer.
  • Infectious disease countermeasures (antiviral coating) are implemented at the surface that the customers frequently touch.
  • Inside the building is appropriately ventilated.
  • All members of staff are thoroughly health managed when working such as temperature measure, hand wash, gargle and sanitize hands.

※MAT2021 will comply with the COVID-19 control guidelines set up at Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo City View.
Please check here for details.

We will continue to collect the latest information on the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection, based on the related guidelines.
We will pay close attention to infection prevention measures, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (ENG/JPN)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government COVID-19 The Information Website(ENG/CHI/KOR/JPN)
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