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meltdown pt.2 "cakeshop"

A new installation using lasers, wax, and temporary materials, which MES has been using continuously. The wax is melted by laser irradiation, and a message is carved into the wax during the exhibition. This work examines ""birthdays"" and ""safety myths"" by connecting two seemingly unconnected motifs, a cake and a nuclear power plant, which are symbols of birth and peaceful use, respectively, through ""yellow cake,"" which has two meanings: American home cooking and uranium powder. Through this work using temporary materials, we would like to look at the emergence of systems and practices that have become commonplace over the decades.The ""meltdown"" series, which begins with this work, assumes that some of the Japanese words that are synonymous with this American word - ""dissolve,"" ""collapse,"" ""rage,"" and ""core melt"" - have something in common with the elements that constitute Japanese society, and considers the activities that celebrate the birth and growth of people and the energy that people use to survive.



Artist Info

MES is a Japanese artist duo formed in 2015 by KANAE and TAKERU. They began their activities at Tokyo University of the Arts and have held exhibitions, performances, and events in Japan and abroad. They have developed works that observe society, making extensive use of LASER and trying to make contact between club culture and contemporary art. In 2020, they has participated in "M・I 2020", Shin-Okubo UGO "You(We) are Beautiful!", ANB Tokyo "ENCOUNTERS", and online exhibition "Dark Independants". photo: Ayaka Endo
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