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Spatial Animacy

Spatial Animacy is an interactive kinetic installation, exploring kinesthetic empathy and perceived animacy in architectural space. In a High-Tech x Slow-Craft philosophy, a hand-folded origami surface is animated by a network of actuators using real-time spatial and physiological sensing data of the audience. This artificial micro-landscape resonates our inner states in material space through a kinetic vocabulary of organic, life-like motion, Reflecting concepts of Augmented Materiality and Animism, human and space are fused in a kinesthetic, meditative spatial experience.


Concept, Design Direction & Interaction Design: Harry Krekoukiotis (KMD Embodied Media)
Mechanical Design & Engineering: Yoichi Kamiyama (KMD Embodied Media)
Physiological Sensing: George Chernyshov (KMD Geist)
Lighting Design: Ana Alipass Fernandez
Fabrication: Ragnar Thomsen, Rahul Mehta, Lincoln He (KMD Embodied Media)
Technical Support: Imaoka Noriaki, Inoue Sho (Panasonic AugLab)
Surface Material & Support: Sakase Adtech Co., Ltd
Research Supervisor: Kouta Minamizawa (KMD Embodied Media)
Producer: Takeshi Ando (Panasonic AugLab)

Special thanks to Mrs. Reiko Sudo (NUNO Corporation), Mr. Yoshiharu Sakai (Sakase Adtech Co., Ltd), Aris Kafantaris (Kengo Kuma & Associates)

Artist Info

Harry Krekoukiotis
Harry Krekoukiotis
Harry Krekoukiotis is an architect and interaction designer, researching Augmented Materiality at the intersection of Media Art and Human-Computer Interaction. Graduated from Keio Unviersity Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) with a Master in Media Design, MSc in Design, Space, Culture and Dipl. Eng. in Architecture from National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA). photo: Bektur Ryskeldiev
KMD Embodied Media & Panasonic AugLab
KMD Embodied Media & Panasonic AugLab
Embodied Media Project at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, directed by Prof. Kouta Minamizawa, aims to create future media technologies to design embodied experiences that empower, enchant, and emphathize us. / Panasonic AugLab contributes to a "well-being" society by changing the relationship between the surrounding environment and the people through Augmentation technology that enriches everyday life by expanding people's bodies, sensibilities and minds.
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