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Synesthesia X1 - 2.44 Hazo: Mind Waves

People’s views of human life and death have greatly changed since the onset of the coronavirus crisis. In this situation, Synesthesia Lab feat. evala (See by Your Ears) is presenting a new synesthetic experience through meditation experiences unique to Japanese people. Taking on the challenge of creating new experiential art by updating Synesthesia X1 - 2.44, the team is undertaking works that have no definite shape but will be engraved on the hearts of those who experience them as intangible HAZO (wave images). The works produced feature Zen motifs. The team crystalizes experiences that are particular to Japan as synesthesia experiences through a combination of the senses of hearing, touch, and sight. photo: Akira Arai (Nacása & Partners Inc.) This work was produced by updating Synastasia X1 -2.44 <Hazo> as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs "Back TOKYO Forth" project. After the MAT session, you can also see it at Tokyo International Cruise Terminal. * Please check the website for the exhibition period and details.

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Creative Direction: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Enhance)
Audio & Haptic Compose: evala (See by Your Ears)
Product Design: Keitaro Shimizu (Flowplateaux)
Produce: Ayahiko Sato (Flowplateaux)
Technical Management & Haptic Environment Design: Nobuhisa Hanamitsu (Enhance)
3D Haptic Design Software & Experience System Development: Kota Isobe (Enhance)
Lighting Design & System Development: Hideaki Tai, Tatsuya Motoki (Rhizomatiks)
Visual Programming & System Development: 2bit (ISHII 2bit Program Office), Kosaku Namikawa
Technical Support: Momoko Nishimoto, Kyohei Mouri (Rhizomatiks), Youichi Kamiyama (Cidre Interaction Design)
Audio Engineering Support: Jiro Kubo (See by Your Ears)
Audio Production Management: Yoshino Nagamura (See by Your Ears)
Product Structure Design: Shinsuke Yoshihara (Demold)
Product Advisory: Eisaku Sato (Demold)
Product Support: Masaaki Tatsumi, Mitsuhiro Kiyose (FIELD CLUB), Takayuki Shimizu (Demold), Naoki Yashiro
Space Design & Construction: Hakuten
Special Thanks: Seiichi Saito (Panoramatiks)
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Artist Info

Synesthesia Lab
Synesthesia Lab
The Synesthesia Lab is an experimental R&D lab focused on synesthesia and the architecture of other multi-sensory experiences. In 2019, Enhance and Rhizomatiks Design teamed up to develop the “Synesthesia X1 - 2.44” — an immersive synesthetic experience device equipped with two speakers and 44 actuators that wraps you in a world of sounds, haptic, and lights. A further collaboration with sound artist evala titled “Synesthesia X1 – 2.44 feat. evala (See by Your Ears)” was unveiled at Media Ambition Tokyo 2019 (MAT). For MAT 2021, evala (See by Your Ears) returns to join in with Enhance and Flowplateaux (former Rhizomatiks Design) on their newly designed synesthetic experience. Enhance Flowplateaux
evala (See by Your Ears)
evala (See by Your Ears)
A Japanese sound artist and musician. Has been creating edgy works of electronic music, and exploring music experience with the use of 3D sound systems as new instruments. He shows the spatial and immersive music experience by his project "See by Your Ears,” which explores the dormant possibilities in hearing under the concept “seeing by ear.” This project Is his subject as an artist and includes his main piece using anechoic chamber, “Octyon Megalotis” (Sonar+D Spain, 2017), “Our Muse” (Asia Culture Center, Korea 2018), as well as “Acoustic Vessel Odyssey” with digital media artists Kimchi and Chips, a 576-channel sound installation featuring Sony spatial audio technology. Currently released a 3D immersive audio album “Chosho Hakkei in Rittor Base - HPL ver”(2021). Also active in sound production for the stage, screen, and public spaces. These works have garnered numerous awards at events such as the Ars Electronica, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the Japan Media Arts Festival. In January 2020, an invisible cinema, “Sea, See, She - To you, who is yet to come.” was world premiered, showing a completely new art form in which each audience visualized their own image by immersing themselves with 70 minutes of 3D sounds in a pitch darkness. It won the Excellence Award of Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division. photo: Susumu Kunisaki
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